Analyzing the Cost of Illness and Healthcare Utilization of Mucopolysaccharidosis Conditions

A systematic literature review discerned the global economic burden of people living with mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS). The findings were published as a poster at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Nexus 2021.

The researchers queried Medline and Embase to identify eligible studies assessing the healthcare utilization and costs incurred by those living with MPS. Eligible studies included observational or clinical trials reporting on direct/indirect costs of care and treatment and resource utilization among individuals with MPS. Ten studies assessing the economic burden of MPS were included in the analysis.

The cost data was reported for MPS I (n=3), MPS II (n=4), MPS III (n=1), MPS VI (n=1), MPS I, II, VI combined (n=1), and all MPS populations. The researchers observed that costing categories differed across the studies, with direct costs being the main cost driver. Studies captured direct costs associated with drugs (n=5), inpatient and outpatient services (n=8), emergency visits (n=1), nursing services (n=1), and surgery (n=1).

Resource utilization was observed to be highest among the MPS III subjects receiving hospital care, with an average of 117 hospital stays per year. Medical devices were the most predominantly utilized outpatient resource, particularly among the MPS I, II, and VI combined populations (47.1 patients per year). Across the identified studies, resource utilization was found to be higher among subjects with MPS II when compared to other MPS subtypes, the researchers noted.

“The findings of the study illustrate the economic burden of caring for people with MPS,” the researchers concluded. “Due to underreporting, our understanding of the impact of MPS on overall cost and resource utilization remains limited.” They added that future studies are needed “to assess the global economic burden of MPS, especially in light of new pharmacotherapies coming forward for this condition.”

Source: Mynzhassarova A, et al. Cost of Illness and Healthcare Utilization of Mucopolysaccharidosis Conditions: A Burden of Illness System Review. Poster E16. Published for AMCP Nexus 2021; October 18-21, 2021, Denver, CO.